Human Rights

In spite of some improvements in health care coverage across the world, hundreds of millions of people still lack adequate access to health care and protection from the costs of illness, disease and injury. Health systems are being commercialised and marketised, resulting in greater inefficiency and inequity. Clinical research and health policy have been captured by corporate actors and bent to serve commercial interests. Prisoners and detainees are subjected to abuse and torture, often with the complicity of health professionals.

Medact does not provide frontline clinical care or humanitarian relief. But it exists to promote a vision of human rights medicine. It works to restore the function of the health system as a foundation for societal well-being and a platform for the expression of ethical behaviour. It acts to restore public interest to the heart of health policy.


End unnecessary and harmful asylum accommodation transfers

Over 60,000 asylum seekers have been waiting more than six months for decisions about their claims. More than 12,000 of them are being housed at public expense, and subject to apparently random relocation around the UK without adequate (sometimes any) notice to them or their responsible clinicians. This is causing actual harm to them and (during the pandemic) making it harder to protect themselves and their communities from COVID.