Get involved with the Patients Not Passports campaign

The Patients Not Passports campaign is made up of groups working around the country to challenge Hostile Environment immigration policies in the NHS.

We are healthcare workers, migrants, community campaigners, and anyone who believes in the universal right to health.

You can help end NHS charging! Here’s how: 

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There are groups in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Hastings, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Oxford, Sheffield and Tyneside, alongside nationwide groups Docs Not Cops and Medact’s Migrant Solidarity Group.

Register for the next New Joiners meeting – Tues 23rd Nov

New Joiners Meetings

The best way to get up to speed with the campaign and get connected with work going on across the country is to come to our next New Joiners meeting – you don’t need to work in healthcare to be involved! To win we’ll need everyone working together to oppose NHS charging and there is room for everyone in the campaign.

In the meeting we’ll cover the campaign strategy, hear from some of the groups working on the Patients Not Passports campaign, and explore the different ways you can get involved.

Register for the next New Joiners meeting – Tues 23rd Nov