According to the UN, we may only have until 2030 to prevent global temperatures rising in excess of 1.5 degrees. Whether through the impact of extreme weather events, the proliferation of new and more deadly diseases or as a result of conflict over scarce resources, it is clear that climate breakdown is driving a global health crisis.

Medact’s Climate & Health Group is a new issue group aimed at building the public health call for climate justice. The group meets all together online once a month, while sub-teams meet separately in between the monthly meetings. There are currently two teams to join: Campaigns & Outreach and Research. However, it isn’t necessary to join a team to be a part of the group.

Currently, the group is looking at working around fossil fuel divestment, combating air pollution and working for a Green New Deal. The group is still in its early stages, so we encourage new members to get involved and help take the group forward!