Actions backed by health professionals also have the added weight of medical expertise, making it that much harder for injustices to be ignored. Online petitions, emails and letters have the power to link up thousands of medical campaigners from across the globe.


Healthy housing is a human right

Healthy housing is a human right

Children and families who are experiencing homelessness are facing severe risk, risk that has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. There is an urgent need to address the lack of adequate and decent temporary accommodation, and add capacity to the health system...

Halt harmful “hostile environment” policies – open staff letter to the Board of North Bristol NHS Trust

The government is implementing new charging regulations for migrants. These deny vulnerable people healthcare, deter those eligible for care from seeking it, and establish mechanisms to roll out further charging in the future NHS.

The following is a letter to North Bristol NHS Trust asking them to also reject these policies. It is for open sign on for all staff within the trust – if you work at the trust, please add your name below.