Medact Sheffield group meeting: April

Medact Sheffield are organising locally on the Patients Not Passports campaign, seeking to end the Hostile Environment in the NHS. The group are also organising for climate and health justice as part of the Health for a Green New Deal network. All are welcome!

Medact Leeds group meeting: April

Medact Leeds are organising locally for climate and health justice as part of the Health for a Green New Deal network, and also taking action to end the hostile environment, campaigning for Patients Not Passports. All are welcome.

Medact Bristol April group meeting

Medact Bristol has focused its efforts on campaigns on climate, environment and sustainability, divestment, and migrant access to healthcare. The group’s current focus is supporting  Reclaim our Buses, a campaign in Bristol to bring buses back into public control. New members are welcome.

Nuclear Weapons Group April meeting

Medact’s Nuclear Weapons Group represents the longest standing aspect of Medact’s work towards nuclear abolition, and to address war, armed violence and conflict as global threats to health.

Securitisation of Health group meeting

The Securitisation of Health group is for health workers and anyone interested in working to challenge the growing securitisation of healthcare through campaigning, lobbying and research. The group are currently focused on campaigning to end Prevent in the NHS, and also work to oppose policing other securitisation policies within healthcare. New members are welcome!

Harrow Healthy Homes Assembly

Harrow Baptist Church College Rd (Harrow on the Hill station), Harrow

All Harrow tenants and residents who want to fight for a better housing system are welcome to this meeting. 

London Housing & Health meeting

Pelican House 144 Cambridge Heath Road, London, London, United Kingdom

Medact’s Housing & Health Group is organising to improve policies for better access to secure and sustainable housing.