A People’s Economy: economic justice & health booklets

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As health workers, our work is as much about caring for those in immediate need as it is about advocating for and building new systems in which all are able to live well and thrive. 

  • Want to know more about key issues in economic justice and health?
  • Curious about how to take action? 
  • Interested in having conversations with colleagues about economic justice?

Check out our brand new booklets, developed by members of the Economic Justice & Health Group. Each explores the public health case for liveable incomes, secure housing and tax justice.

We hope they will help the healthcare community start conversations on the importance of fighting for Health and Economic Justice, thus helping support our campaigning and organising efforts.

On April 5 we launched the booklets with a great lineup of speakers. Check out the recording:

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Economic policies such as welfare, work, housing and taxation have a profound impact on health and quality of life. Rather than supporting people to live healthy and dignified lives, our current economic system generates income and wealth inequalities that are actually harmful to health. Austerity policies and vast cuts to public finances have contributed to worsening health for those marginalised by our current economic systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic and response to it have drawn much needed attention to the systemic nature of the social  determinants of health, underpinned by political  and economic systems that dictate how power,  wealth and resources are distributed.

Lower socioeconomic status, low-income jobs, ‘frontline occupations’ and inadequate means to self-isolate (among many other factors) led to worse health outcomes and, in many cases, higher mortality rates. Such factors create unequal exposure to health risks and result in widespread health inequities, both locally and globally.

Making the public health case for three key economic justice issues that would be transformative to health equity, these booklets are an accessible, informative and educational tool in supporting others to learn and empowering them to fight for a better future.

Content devised by members of the Economic Justice & Health group. Designed and illustrated by Sophie Monk.