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Medact values high-quality research because it helps us understand health inequalities and offers solid evidence for effective campaigning and advocacy. 

All our research is ultimately geared towards supporting our organisational goal of building a safer, fairer, better world in which everyone is able to access their right to health.

Criminalising Distress

Our current research project, Criminalising Distress research, is an urgently needed independent national study exploring SIM – Serenity Integrated Mentoring. The SIM model – which embeds police officers within community mental health teams, is is a stark example of the securitisation of health.

Find out more about our current research project Criminalising Distress here.

Medact Publications

We want our research to be a useful resource to a wide spectrum of actors, including policy-makers, journalists, campaigners, health workers and the general public. We also want to help empower affected communities advocate for change themselves.

We produce a range of research outputs including reports, policy briefings, case studies, toolkits and peer-reviewed academic journal articles.

Making an impact

We understand that knowing is not enough. We produce knowledge in order to make an impact, so publication is never the end-point of our research. It is just as important to disseminate our work to enable campaigners and inform public debate.

Medact Research Network (MRN)

One of our biggest strengths is the knowledge we have within our movement. To harness our members’ research expertise, we are launching a new Medact Research Network (MRN).

Medact Research policy

Medact’s Research Policy outlines our ethical principles, how and why we do research, and what we do with the research we produce.