Nobel Peace Prize Statement

A statement from ICAN UK in reaction to the awarding of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize to ICAN

Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty opens for signature by world leaders

UK absent as UN States line up to sign this important new nuclear treaty  London, 20 September 2017: Heads of State and Foreign Ministers from many countries will start the process of joining the...

Digesting the Indigestible

Unravelling hospital food policy and practices, and finding the way towards healthier, tastier and more sustainable hospital food

The Health Through Peace Appeal

Now, more than ever, there is a need to for a collective, progressive public health voice to challenge the growing tide of militarisation and violent conflict.

Still failing to tackle air pollution

An editorial by Medact and Doctors Against Diesel discussing the government's Air Quality plan, how it does little to ease the crisis in UK towns and cities, and the need to improve public...

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Peace & Security

We promote disarmament and encourage non-violent responses to conflict.

We work for the abolition of nuclear weapons, and to reduce the power and influence of militarism and military-industrial complex.

Climate & Environment

We work for a healthy planet and climate protection.

We challenge the world's dependence on fossil fuels, including campaigning for renewable energy.

We promote sustainable patterns of consumption.

Economic Justice

We challenge trade, investment and financial systems that are unjust and harmful.

We promote reform of the institutions of global governance and reallocation of resources towards social justice and sustainable development.


We promote a vision of human rights medicine.

This includes access to healthcare for all, and respect for the health-related rights of migrants, refugees, prisoners and detainees.


The Chancellor has a chance to protect children’s lungs in his budget this month. Let’s make sure it happens.

We’ve got to get diesel cars off our roads to protect everyone’s health. Philip Hammond is under pressure to deliver a bold budget this month, and we want to make sure he takes action on air pollution. We’re calling on him to increase road tax on new diesel cars, and use the money for a diesel scrappage scheme that supports people on low incomes.

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At a time when health services are under pressure, Medact is an independent public health voice on the social, economic, environmental and other major determinants of health.

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We rely on financial contributions from our members and others – to stage events, undertake research, run campaigns, and provide an independent public health voice.