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We bring the health community together to change the system

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Health injustice is driven by political, social and economic conditions. Our campaigns organise for systems change to win justice.


By donating, you will support all of our member-led campaigns by helping to fund the training, events and resources we need to build health-worker power.

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  • Monica headshot - smiling brown woman with brown hair standing in a field

    Monica Sharman

    “Through Medact I am developing a deeper understanding of health injustice, and learning the skills to challenge it. It’s been incredible to do this work alongside such a compassionate team of people who inspire me to believe that a fairer world is possible.”

  • Headshot of Rebekah – a smiling woman wearing a pink top with dark hair in a bun

    Rebekah Cheung Judge

    “Being a Medact member gives us the opportunity to join together as a community of healthcare practitioners to affect the sociopolitical determinants of health which we see play out every day in the lives of our patients.”

  • Headshot of Calum – a young white man in a black raincoat and peaked cap, smiling

    Calum Barnes

    “As a doctor, being a Medact member is a way of advocating for my patients. Being part of a movement toward social justice has given me purpose and identity in a time where it is otherwise only too easy to feel helpless.”

  • People at an NHS Not Trident protest – Michael is doing a speech, reading from a piece of paper into a megaphone - he is wearing a dark coat, sunglasses and a beret

    Michael Orgel

    “I’ve been a member of Medact and its predecessor MCANW for decades, trying to counter the existential risk of nuclear weapons. We need to eliminate them before they eliminate us – and the funds saved could help ensure healthcare is a right not a privilege.”

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  • Petition: Health community demands, Build 1ST for Druids Heath

    Petition: Health community demands, Build 1ST for Druids Heath

    We as health workers are demanding that the council Build 1ST before any further Druids Heath tenants are evicted from their current homes.

  • Pledge: Health workers against prevent

    Pledge: Health workers against prevent

    Our primary objective as health workers is the duty of care to the patient in front of us. Government policies like Prevent jeopardise this duty and consequently public health. As health workers and members of the health community, our duty of care is to challenge any and all attempts at making caring professions into an arm of the Home Office or police.

  • Medical Appeal: No War in Europe!

    Medical Appeal: No War in Europe!

    Medical professionals call for diplomacy to avert a humanitarian disaster Sign the IPPNW medical appeal Health workers in Europe take their responsibility for preventive action to save lives very seriously. […]

Our work

  • Health for a Green New Deal

    Health for a Green New Deal is building a grassroots-powered health movement for a just and green society, one that prioritises the health of people and planet. All those who work in or study health are welcome to join us and help build the movement!


  • Securitisation of Health

    A number of policing and counter-extremism measures are embedded by the government into UK health services, at times requiring health workers to work closely with the police and other security […]


  • Patients Not Passports

    Get involved with the Patients Not Passports campaign!


  • Nuclear Weapons

    Nuclear weapons are the most destructive, most indiscriminate, most inhumane instruments of mass murder ever created. Their use—and even their possession—goes against every principle of international humanitarian law. In fact, […]


  • The Arms Trade

    The international arms trade is in direct opposition to efforts to protect and pursue the health of our world and its inhabitants. Not only does military expenditure steal funds away from […]


  • Economic Justice

    Our economic system is making people sick. Gross inequality leads to unequal health outcomes. But this is not inevitable: we have the power to change the system. Today in the […]