• Sonia Adesara

    Sonia Adesara

    Sonia Adesara is an NHS doctor and campaigner. She has become a “political doctor”, as she believes we cannot address the prevalent health inequality we all see without structural and […]

  • Nazanin Rassa

    Nazanin Rassa

    Naz is a medical doctor and campaigner whose practice is rooted in her passion for health and social justice. She is currently based in Bristol working as a Clinical Teaching […]

  • Shirley Hodgson

    Shirley Hodgson

    Shirley Hodgson, BSc, BM, BCh, DM, FRCP, FRSB, trained at UCL as an undergraduate, gaining a BSc in Physiology, and then went to Somerville College, Oxford, to do her clinical […]

  • James Smith

    James Smith

    James is a medical doctor by background with further training in global health, humanitarian affairs and medical anthropology. He has worked for over a decade in various academic and programmatic […]

  • Rachel Cottam

    Rachel Cottam

    Rachel works part time as a GP in central Brighton. Until recently she worked as a Clinical Director in the evolving configurations of the CCG/ICB – starting in 2014 when […]

  • Sian Reece

    Sian Reece

    Sian is a clinical academic, currently undertaking an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship at the University of York. She has a long-standing interest in global health and health inequalities in the […]

  • Anuj Kapilashrami

    Anuj Kapilashrami

    An Interdisciplinary social scientist trained in Public Health and Sociology, academic activist, and Professor in Global Health Policy and Equity in the School of Health & Social Care. Anuj has […]

  • Hannah Wright

    Hannah Wright

    Hannah Wright is a data and analytics professional, currently working for Iris in London. Her passion for health justice stems from her academic background in Epidemiology & Public Health; she […]

  • Richard Copsey

    Richard Copsey

    Richard Copsey graduated from Queen Mary College, London University in history but since 1985 has been a criminal legal aid defence lawyer in Bristol and the North East of England. […]

  • Anne Schulthess

    Anne Schulthess

    Anne Schulthess is the Marketing manager at the International Institute for Environment and Development. She holds an MSc in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, and […]