Rachel Cottam

Rachel works part time as a GP in central Brighton. Until recently she worked as a Clinical Director in the evolving configurations of the CCG/ICB – starting in 2014 when she was the first CCG Clinical Lead for Sustainability. In the past, she has sat as a Medical Member of the First Tier Tribunal, Social Entitlement Chamber (for people appealing their benefits decisions) and has also worked outside the NHS, including completing an English PhD and teaching undergraduates, leading the Bath Literature Festival and directing the Talks programme at the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

In 2020, she trained at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre to teach mindfulness – and over the past year has been working unpaid as a retreat leader at the Sharpham Trust in Devon, including setting up and leading a mindfulness and nature connection retreat specifically for doctors. With this in mind, she is keen to be involved in working to build the inner qualities and capabilities needed among campaigners, supporters and leaders to make the vision of global health justice a reality.