Sonia Adesara

Sonia Adesara is an NHS doctor and campaigner. She has become a “political doctor”, as she believes we cannot address the prevalent health inequality we all see without structural and political changes to our society. She campaigns to improve women’s health, is on the executive committee for abortion rights and previously worked for a women’s rights charity. Whilst volunteering for Doctors of the World, she saw the appalling harm caused by hostile environmental policies in the NHS, which led her to campaign with Medact and Docs Not Cops. 

She has previously worked in national health policy as a former National Medical Director’s clinical fellow, with the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management.

Working as a GP in Tottenham, she sees every day the impact of social and economic deprivation on the health of her patients. Sonia believes healthcare professionals have a duty to campaign and advocate for progressive policies to improve the health and well-being of everyone in our society.