Nazanin Rassa

Naz is a medical doctor and campaigner whose practice is rooted in her passion for health and social justice. She is currently based in Bristol working as a Clinical Teaching Fellow in undergraduate medical education. She is interested in understanding how advocacy and the co-production of knowledge can help form more inclusive and representative medical education. 

Naz has been involved in organising around issues of racism, migrant rights, and the climate emergency. She has campaigned with Doctors of the World and Patients Not Passports. During university, she coordinated a volunteering project for Healthy Planet UK aimed at equipping primary school students in London with the tools they need to talk about the climate crisis and advocate for healthier environments. In 2021, Naz established Medact Bristol’s branch of Health for a Green New Deal, which provides a health perspective to support local climate campaigning.

She has completed an intercalated bachelor’s degree in global health and continues to pursue an academic branch of her career in researching health inequalities and the structural determinants of health.