STOP the Silvertown Tunnel — letter from London Health Workers

Dear Mayor Khan, We write to you as healthcare workers living and practising in London, who see the terrible health consequences of air pollution on a daily basis. We care for populations in London who are already exposed to levels of air pollution that consistently exceed WHO limits and we see the impacts of air pollution on health inequalities, with the most deprived populations including London’s poorest children, exposed to the highest levels of particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide.

Pledge: Health workers against prevent

Our primary objective as health workers is the duty of care to the patient in front of us. Government policies like Prevent jeopardise this duty and consequently public health. As health workers and members of the health community, our duty of care is to challenge any and all attempts at making caring professions into an arm of the Home Office or police.

Healthy housing is a human right

Children and families who are experiencing homelessness are facing severe risk, risk that has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. There is an urgent need to address the lack of adequate and decent temporary accommodation, and add capacity to the health system...