Warm Our Homes, Not Our Planet! Sign the Open Letter

Warm Our Homes, Not Our Planet! Sign the health workers' open letter to the UK gov! -- Homes for Health, Medact

Open letter from health workers to the Secretary of States for energy and housing

Millions of people in the UK live in homes that are cold, damp, and mouldy. We can’t afford our energy bills, our houses are poorly insulated, and our government continues to rely on dirty, expensive fossil fuels. 

As people working in health, we see the sharp end of this crisis in our workplaces and in our communities. These problems cannot be solved by the health system.

We need political action that will introduce policies to improve the quality of our homes, ensure everyone has access to the basic right to energy, and we need our energy security to rely on clean and affordable renewable energy. Ultimately, homes should be a place of comfort, health and security, not sites of illness. 

Take action! Sign the open letter from health workers calling on the government to warm our homes, not our planet, and demand:

  1. Quality homes for all and a comprehensive retrofitting programme
  2. Energy justice
  3. A rapid just transition away from fossil fuels

You can sign either as an individual or as a health organisation!

You can also optionally add your postcode, which will remain private, to help us understand the spread of signatures across the country. 

Sign the open letter: