Researching state violence: Deaths by Welfare x Criminalising Distress

For this edition of the Medact Research Network Quarterly meeting, we’re excited to welcome guest speaker Dr China Mills, who manages the Deaths by Welfare Project at Healing Justice London, to introduce us to this project and its impact and implications for health justice work.

Nuclear Weapons Group meeting: December

Medact’s Nuclear Weapons Group represents the longest standing aspect of Medact’s work towards nuclear abolition, and to address war, armed violence and conflict as global threats to health.

Medact Sheffield meeting

Medact Sheffield are currently focusing their campaigns on Patients Not Passports and Health for a Green New Deal.

All Care For All People – A People’s Health Assembly

Part of “Rehearsing Freedoms”, this workshop will encourage us to think, feel, draw, write and play through these questions, building with all that has come before and inviting in new offerings. The space will be held facilitated by Dr Stephanie Davis, Kavian Kulasabanathan and Ben Eder.

Securitisation of Health Group: December Meeting

The Securitisation of Health group is for health workers and anyone interested in working to challenge the growing securitisation of healthcare through campaigning, lobbying and research. The group are currently focused on campaigning to end Prevent in the NHS, and also work to oppose policing other securitisation policies within healthcare. New members are welcome!

Health for a Green New Deal: December network meeting

This is a space for people active in Medact’s climate & health work to connect and to share collective learning from our organising. This December, we will be sharing exciting […]

London Housing & Health meeting (in-person)

Medact Pelican House, 144 Cambridge Heath Road, London

Medact’s EJ Housing & Health Group is organising to improve policies for better access to secure and sustainable housing. This includes working alongside local groups to support local campaigns, as […]