Homes for Health: Toolkit

Homes should be a place of comfort, health and security. Instead, across the UK, homes have become sites of illness. They are rendered cold and damp by poor insulation and sky-high energy prices. They are insecure due to unaffordable rents, evictions, and poor-quality housing.

Cold, unaffordable and insecure homes are no accident. They are the symptoms of a political system that produces mass illness and deepens inequalities in both health and wealth.  The root causes are political—and this means the solutions are too.

Medact’s Health for a Green New Deal and Economic Justice campaigns have come together in the fight to win healthy homes for all, as part of the wider struggles for climate, housing and economic justice. Our groups and members are getting organised to fight for healthy homes and win! Here we are sharing the tools we need to take action as health workers!


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