Health workers in scrubs protesting at the Excel Centre in London, with banners including 'Do no harm, Don't sell arms' and '70+ health centres destroyed in Yemen'

Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons are the most destructive, indiscriminate, and inhumane instruments of mass murder ever created. Their use – and even their possession – goes against every principle of international humanitarian law. 

The catastrophic health and environmental consequences of nuclear weapons sit at the extreme end of a continuum of armed violence that undermines collective health and human security. 

The Nuclear Weapons Group represents the longest standing aspect of Medact’s work to address war, militarism, armed violence and conflict as global threats to health.The group works to campaign for nuclear abolition by highlighting the medical and humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons, and stating clearly that prevention of nuclear war is a medical and public health imperative.

Join us in our work towards nuclear abolition for health justice.

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In the movement to abolish nuclear weapons, there is space for everyone! 

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