• Sonia Adesara

    Sonia Adesara

    Sonia Adesara is an NHS doctor and campaigner. She has become a “political doctor”, as she believes we cannot address the prevalent health inequality we all see without structural and […]

  • Nazanin Rassa

    Nazanin Rassa

    Naz is a medical doctor and campaigner whose practice is rooted in her passion for health and social justice. She is currently based in Bristol working as a Clinical Teaching […]

  • Shirley Hodgson

    Shirley Hodgson

    Shirley Hodgson, BSc, BM, BCh, DM, FRCP, FRSB, trained at UCL as an undergraduate, gaining a BSc in Physiology, and then went to Somerville College, Oxford, to do her clinical […]

  • James Smith

    James Smith

    James is a medical doctor by background with further training in global health, humanitarian affairs and medical anthropology. He has worked for over a decade in various academic and programmatic […]

  • Monica Sharman

    Monica Sharman

    “Through Medact I am developing a deeper understanding of health injustice, and learning the skills to challenge it. It’s been incredible to do this work alongside such a compassionate team of people who inspire me to believe that a fairer world is possible.”

  • Rebekah Cheung Judge

    Rebekah Cheung Judge

    “Being a Medact member gives us the opportunity to join together as a community of healthcare practitioners to affect the sociopolitical determinants of health which we see play out every day in the lives of our patients.”

  • Calum Barnes

    Calum Barnes

    “As a doctor, being a Medact member is a way of advocating for my patients. Being part of a movement toward social justice has given me purpose and identity in a time where it is otherwise only too easy to feel helpless.”

  • Michael Orgel

    Michael Orgel

    “I’ve been a member of Medact and its predecessor MCANW for decades, trying to counter the existential risk of nuclear weapons. We need to eliminate them before they eliminate us – and the funds saved could help ensure healthcare is a right not a privilege.”

  • Robert MacGibbon

    Robert MacGibbon is a long retired inner city GP and MCANW/Medact member living in North London

  • Ben Eder

    Ben Eder

    Ben is a doctor and campaigner, with a background in the Health Justice movement. He completed his foundation training as a junior doctor in the NHS, completing his medical training […]