Join Medact, the University of York, Hull-York Medical School and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War in 2017 for the Health Through Peace Congress — three days of discussion, learning and action aimed at confronting the rising tide of intolerance, militarisation and nationalism.

4th-6th September — University of York — Find out moreRegister

Doctors Against Diesel respond to the government’s draft Air Quality Plan

Our response to the government’s consultation on its draft of a UK Air Quality Plan

Doctors issue prescription to the Prime Minister for tougher action on air pollution

‘Doctors Against Diesel’ have marched to Downing Street today, to deliver a giant prescription to the Prime Minister, ordering her to deliver tougher action on air pollution to protect children’s lungs ‘every breath, every day’ across the UK

Urging Parliamentary Candidates to re-think nuclear weapons policy

Medact encourages members to use the upcoming General Election as an opportunity to raise awareness about the risk and devastating health impact of the use of nuclear weapons. Tailored letters have...

Call for Papers – Opportunity to Speak at Health Through Peace 2017

We're inviting researchers, speakers and organisations to present on a range of topics, from militarisation and violence, to the refugee crisis and climate change. Download the call for papers...

Medical Students call on the British Medical Association to sell fossil fuel investments

It is nearly three years since members of the British Medical Association (BMA) first called for fossil fuel divestment. Despite passing a resolution on climate change that referenced divestment in...

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Peace & Security

We promote disarmament and encourage non-violent responses to conflict.We work for the abolition of nuclear weapons, and to reduce the power and influence of militarism and military-industrial complex.

Climate & Environment

We work for a healthy planet and climate protection.We challenge the world's dependence on fossil fuels, including campaigning for renewable energy.We promote sustainable patterns of consumption.

Economic Justice

We challenge trade, investment and financial systems that are unjust and harmful.We promote reform of the institutions of global governance and reallocation of resources towards social justice and sustainable development.


We promote a vision of human rights medicine.

This includes access to healthcare for all, and respect for the health-related rights of migrants, refugees, prisoners and detainees.


Call for New Trustees

Medact is seeking to appoint up to 4 new trustees. We are particularly keen to find more people with a public health, nursing or paramedical background – in order to maintain the strength of health professional representation with those standing down.

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At a time when health services are under pressure, Medact is an independent public health voice on the social, economic, environmental and other major determinants of health.

We are first and foremost a membership organisation, and members are the cornerstone of all our work.

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We rely on financial contributions from our members and others – to stage events, undertake research, run campaigns, and provide an independent public health voice.