Action Call: Housing & public health ─ the eviction crisis in the time of COVID-19


We recently held an Action Call with Pathways and London Renters Union to discuss the interconnected issues of housing justice and health equity.

Our Action Call covered:

  • population health effects of insecure housing on COVID-19 and general public health
  • the situation facing those experiencing homelessness
  • legal rights and strategies to protect people facing housing insecurity and evictions during this public health crisis

The Action Call was recorded on 19th August, days before the eviction ban in England was set to end. The Government have since extended the eviction ban until September 20th, but this is just sticking plaster solution to a chronic condition.

If you are a health worker who wants to help us campaign to make secure housing a mainstream public health policy, please sign up for updates from our Economic Justice & Health Group.