Winter Appeal 2023

Winter appeal 2023

Housing injustice is making us sick!

Health workers know the vast breadth of harms that unsafe and insecure housing has on patients. Mould is political—and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

That’s why members of our Economic Justice group are building a health-worker movement for housing justice.

This year, Medact supported tenants to win healthy homes, holding landlords and local authorities accountable! Members helped build a national coalition for social housing—the Homes for Us coalition—and we trained health workers to speak out about housing injustices.

Now we need your help to make even more impact in 2024 and beyond!

None of this work would have been possible without the donations and membership contributions of Medact members like you!

Right now, Medact faces a harsh reality.

We will struggle to keep going in 2024 and beyond if we don’t stabilise our finances. To continue exposing health injustice and sparking change, we need more donations and more membership dues to support our work. 

Any amount you can donate makes a difference. We’re so grateful for your support in this vital work—thank you!