Pledge: Health workers against prevent

Our primary objective as health workers is the duty of care to the patient in front of us. Government policies like Prevent jeopardise this duty and consequently public health. As health workers and members of the health community, our duty of care is to challenge any and all attempts at making caring professions into an arm of the Home Office or police.

Winter Appeal 2021

In the last year, THOUSANDS of health workers took action for climate justice with Medact. We brought the health voice for climate justice to the COP26 climate talks, and to streets in towns and cities across the UK. Now we need your help to support even more health workers to organise for climate and health justice in 2022.

Health & Climate Justice at COP 26

Far from being just a future prospect, it is clear that many regions of the world have long since started to feel the impacts of climate change. These impacts pose the greatest challenge to global health in the 21st century. However, they are not distributed equally....

Holdstock-Piachaud Student Essay Prize 2021

Are you a student with a passion for research? Are you interested in the health aspects of violence and human rights? Do you dream of being published in an academic journal?  If your answer to these questions is yes, then you should consider applying for the...