Movement Builder

Medact is looking for a skilled organiser to lead work to build and support our movement of health professionals campaigning for progressive social change.

First do no harm – Clinical roles in preventing and reducing damage to vulnerable immigration detainees

The available evidence shows that the objectives of significantly reducing the number of vulnerable individuals detained and the duration of their detention have not been achieved by the changes to policy and practice introduced since the initial review into welfare in detention of vulnerable persons produced by Mr Steven Shaw in January 2016.
In our submission to the new review we consider what has gone wrong, and make recommendations for what needs to happen to improve the situation.

Chair of the Board

Medact is looking to find a new Chair for our Board of Trustees to help us build on our achievements and realise Medact’s vision.

Annual Report 2016/17

This report sets out the broad scope of activities undertaken by staff and members, working to ensure that health professionals have a voice in discussions about issues such as conflict, climate change and economic inequality that threaten the long term well-being of...