End unnecessary and harmful asylum accommodation transfers

Over 60,000 asylum seekers have been waiting more than six months for decisions about their claims. More than 12,000 of them are being housed at public expense, and subject to apparently random relocation around the UK without adequate (sometimes any) notice to them or their responsible clinicians. This is causing actual harm to them and (during the pandemic) making it harder to protect themselves and their communities from COVID.

Dr Neal Russell on Al Jazeera

In July 2018, over a dozen healthcare professionals who received medals for their work during the Ebola Crisis in West Africa, returned their honours to the government in protest of the hostile environment policies in the NHS, including upfront charging and ID checks.

Medact Student Blog: Inequality and Health

In the first event of the Global Health Justice series, Medact and QMUL hosted a talk titled ‘Global Health Justice: Harnessing academia to inform policy’. This was attended by Global health students and health professionals. Dr. McCoy, director of Medact, introduced...