Digesting the Indigestible


Unravelling hospital food policy and practices, and finding the way towards healthier, tastier and more sustainable hospital food

Every year, the NHS spends about £600 million on food and catering services, mostly in hospitals. But hospital food is often considered to be of poor quality, and the hospital retail environment unhealthy.

Furthermore, in line with most diets across the country, the food provided in hospitals is not
ecologically sustainable.

There is not only a need to improve the quality of hospital food for patients and staff, but also for the NHS to lead a transition towards healthier and more sustainable diets across society.

Digesting The Indigestible aims to help clinicians, policy makers, patient groups and other stakeholders to understand the policy environment around hospital food provision – in order to drive change towards health supporting and sustainable hospital food.

Download – Digesting The Indigestible [PDF]

We have also produced a Hospital Food Campaign Toolkit providing ideas for health professionals looking to campaign on this issue

For hard copies of the report, please contact the office.

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