• Iraq, Medact and Chilcot

    Iraq, Medact and Chilcot

    This piece was written in response to the release of the findings of the Chilcot inquiry by former Medact Directors Mike Rowson and Marion Birch, along with Jane Salvage, who all worked […]

  • Medact response to the Chilcot Report

    Medact response to the Chilcot Report

    Rhianna Louise, Peace and Security Project Officer at Medact Ben Clavey, Coordinator of the Medact Arms Control Group With thanks to Ben Griffin, Coordinator of Veterans for Peace UK, Peace […]

  • Blair Protest – Chilcot: Time for Truth and Justice

    After a seven year wait the Chilcot Report is finally going to be published on June 6th. Despite its astounding length (2.3 million words) it is highly likely that it […]