EU Medical Peace Work


Medact is the UK-partner for the EU-funded Medical Peace Work project. Medical Peace Work is an emerging field of expertise in health work, violence prevention and peace building, and is a partnership of medical organizations and teaching institutions committed to the development of this new field of expertise. Medical Peace Work is an on-line learning platform for health professionals, and others, to educate themselves about issues relating to war, violence and health. This is because we believe that as medical professionals we care for the life, health and well-being of our patients. Violence, weapons and war cause enormous suffering and misery, and endanger what is important for us. It is therefore our professional responsibility to work towards the prevention of violence and the promotion of peace, human rights and human security. As part of the Medical Peace Work project, Medact has been developing teaching materials related to the health impacts of climate change, and the role of health professionals in advocating for the prevention of torture.

The resources are available free online.

UPDATE: online teaching cases are now available

2015 Scholarships

As part of this project, Medact was able to provide scholarships for five young people from the UK to a weeklong MPW course in Norway in Spring of 2015 – ‘ War, Violence, Health and Peace’. Lotte Elton, a medical student at the University of Newcastle, was one of those who went:

Medact MPW Scholar Lotte Elton“It was a great experience to be able to study alongside, and learn from, health students and professionals from so many different countries and professional backgrounds: from German medical students campaigning on peace issues, to Palestinian nurses crossing military checkpoints to go to work, and British medical doctors working with victims of torture. Thanks Medact for giving me the opportunity to go.”