• Irene Rodriguez

    Irene Rodriguez is a member of Yo Si Sanidad Universal, a Spanish campaign for Universal Healthcare Access.

  • Daniel Button

    Daniel Button

    Daniel is a Senior Researcher at NEF. His work covers health and care – focusing particularly on health inequalities and the role of community control, participation and co-production in public […]

  • Henry Ascher

    Henry Ascher

    Henry Ascher is a professor at the Nordic School of Public Health─specializing in refugees, migration and health─and chair of the Swedish Paediatric Society’s working group on child refugees.

  • Hwa Young Joon

    Hwa Young Joon

    Hwa Young Joon is a multidisciplinary artist working in the arts, culture and sciences, facilitating collaborative workshops and projects.

  • Thusiyan Nandakumar

    Thusiyan Nandakumar

    Thusiyan is an NHS doctor and Editor-in-Chief for the Tamil Guardian.

  • Dr Tarek Younis

    Dr Tarek Younis

    Tarek is a cultural and critical clinical psychologist, and currently a Lecturer in Psychology at Middlesex University. His research has explored the racialisation of Muslims as a result of statutory […]

  • Rita Dayoub

    Rita Dayoub

    Riyta is a Syrian dentist, Academy Associate at Chatham House and founder of Health Workers at the Frontline, a platform for health workers in regions facing armed conflict or violence […]

  • Asad Rehman

    Asad Rehman

    Asad Rehman is Executive Director of War on Want.

  • Dr Mary Kamara

    Dr Mary Kamara

    Mary Kamara is a doctor with experience in the healthcare of refugees and asylum seekers, as well as in healthcare as a component of international development. She works as a […]

  • Dr Guddi Singh

    Dr Guddi Singh

    Guddi is a paediatric doctor, health campaigner and TV broadcaster in London. Passionate about social justice and health equity, Guddi has previously worked around the world, including with the World […]