Climate Change, Clean Air and Fossil Free Health – Why & how health professionals can use divestment as a powerful tool to fight climate change and protect health

Climate change threatens to undo decades’ worth of global health gains, but the health community can help stop this. This event will explore the connections between climate change, fossil fuels and human health. We’ll analyse why – and how – the health community can give crucial support to the fossil fuel divestment movement, as it fights the root cause of climate change.

You’ll have an opportunity to give feedback on our Fossil Free Health campaign strategy – and to shape our activities and tactics going forward. We’ll also be planning some future actions – including an action to call out Shell for its dishonest ‘greenwashing’ at the ‘Shell Make the Future’ exhibition in July.

All levels of experience are welcome. We are also hoping to secure CPD accreditation for the event.

For more on the importance of divestment in the fight against climate change, see our new blog by Fossil Free Health campaigner Deirdre Duff.