Medact North East Meeting


Medact North East is an active local group based around Newcastle, Sunderland, Tynemouth and across the North East.

Migrant Solidarity Group meeting

Medact's Migrant Solidarity Group meets monthly. The group develops projects to defend access to healthcare rights for refugees and migrants, and informs civil society about existing rights and barriers to accessing healthcare.

Securitisation of Health group meeting


The Securitisation of Health group is for health workers interested in working on issues concerning the impacts of policing and counter-terrorism in healthcare through campaigning, lobbying and research. New members are welcome!

Medact Sheffield Meeting

Medact Sheffield are currently focusing their campaigns on Patients Not Passports and Health for a Green New Deal.

Economic Justice & Health: Welfare & Health Workshop


The Deaths by Welfare Project and Medact are working together to better understand how healthcare workers bear witness to the harms of the welfare system; navigate complicity in a system that is often disempowering and enraging; and how they practice, or dream of practising, allyship with those with lived experience.