Nuclear Weapons Group: New Joiners Meeting

Are you concerned about the catastrophic health and environmental consequences of a nuclear war? Do you want to take a stand with longstanding members of the medical peace movement who […]

Securitisation of Health group meeting

What is the securitisation of health? A number of policing and counter-extremism measures are embedded by the government into UK health services, which at times require health workers to work […]

Nuclear Weapons Group March meeting

Medact’s Nuclear Weapons Group represents the longest standing aspect of Medact’s work towards nuclear abolition, and to address war, armed violence and conflict as global threats to health.

Securitisation of Health group meeting

The Securitisation of Health group is for health workers and anyone interested in working to challenge the growing securitisation of healthcare through campaigning, lobbying and research. The group are currently focused on campaigning to end Prevent in the NHS, and also work to oppose policing other securitisation policies within healthcare. New members are welcome!