Lakenheath Peace Camp

Monday 15th July Thursday 25th July

Lakenheath Alliance for Peace (LAP) is holding its major summer event, the Lakenheath Peace Camp, at USAF Lakenheath on Monday 15th July. The camp will continue until 25th July. There will be inside accommodation as well as camping nearby and a continuous presence at the base throughout.

To take part, please contact LAP, not Medact, using the link below.

About RAF Lakenheath

RAF Lakenheath is home to the 48th Fighter Wing.  The base is used by F-15E and 54 F-35A fighter/bombers.

Although the USAF can “neither confirm nor deny” the presence of nuclear weapons at RAF Lakenheath it is suspected that nuclear weapons were based there, possibly with the B-29 in the 1950s. Lakenheath has won a ‘nuclear safety award’ and in 2003 was part of a exercise Dimming Sun which simulated a USAF plane crashing with nuclear weapons on board.

It is believed that 110 B61 nuclear weapons were deployed at Lakenheath. However, these weapons were withdrawn by 2008.

Although there is no evidence that nuclear weapons are being moved to Lakenheath in the near future, facilities are being built to house them. The F-35A has been flight tested with the B61-12 thermonuclear bomb.

Lakenheath has been involved in a wide range of operations and prides itself as being to “get out the door”. After the Hamas attacks on the 7th October 2023, F-15Es from the Lakenheath landed at Muwaffaq Salti Air Base in Jordan on the 13 October 2023 to bolster US presence in the region. Read more.

RAF Lakenheath

Brandon Road
Lakenheath, Suffolk IP27 9PS United Kingdom
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