A statement from Royal Liverpool healthcare workers on healthcare charges

“As a doctor I find it appalling that my employer could encourage me to provide substandard care for a patient because of their nationality. Recently I saw ‘cost recovery staff’ document in a very sick young female’s notes that staff should “refrain from providing non-urgent treatment because she is chargeable for her care and has not yet paid a deposit”. Patients will suffer. Either through direct clinical neglect, or (more likely) through delayed presentation to health services due to fear of financial ruin or being reported to authorities.”

Twitter Storm Guide

How to take part in our twitter storm. 1. Get online between 12noon and 2pm on 23rd October. 2. Make a sign that says “I’m a patient not a passport” or any other message you want to send to Barts Trust to encourage them to end ID checks and charging. Check out these...