Take action to help us fight for a fossil free Dorset! 

Medact Dorset continues to put pressure on the Dorset Pension Fund Committee to STOP investing over £141 million in fossil fuels. Our next target is the FULL council meeting on the 17th December, where the Climate Action Plan will be discussed. Medact Dorset will be submitting a question for discussion. You’d be very welcome to attend with us – send us an email if you’d like more info! [email protected]

Ahead of the council meeting, we need YOUR help to ramp up pressure on councillors to support fossil fuel divestment. That’s why we are calling on people to email/write to councillors on the Pension Fund Committee.  To make this easy for you, we’ve included a template email below, along with contact details for each councillor.

Thank you for taking the time to do this, it really makes a BIG difference to our campaign. Remember that your unique perspective as a healthcare worker is really valuable. Please do share with friends/colleagues by email or on Facebook!

Template letter to councillors

(Click here for councillors’ email addresses)

Dear Councillor………..

As a Dorset resident, and member of the Dorset healthcare community,  I want to express my concern about our council’s investments in fossil fuel companies. BCP and Dorset councils, through The Dorset County Pension Fund, are investing approximately £141 million in the fossil fuel industry. This is fuelling the climate crisis and having devastating impacts on human health.

Just 100 fossil fuel companies have been responsible for more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. Fossil fuel driven climate change is already impacting the health of millions and threatens to reverse the last half century of gains in global health. Fossil fuels are also a major contributor to air pollution, which kills 7 million people every year according to the World Health Organisation. This is similar to the number of deaths caused by tobacco each year. I cannot stand by as my local government pension fund invests in such a dangerous and damaging industry. I am also aware the fossil fuel investments will soon drop in value, as the world transitions to a low carbon energy system. Indeed fossil fuel investments are already underperforming the market. By remaining invested in fossil fuels you are also putting Dorset peoples’ pensions at risk. 

Please could you table the issue of fossil fuel divestment as an agenda item at the next pension fund committee meeting and report back to me on what was discussed? 

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best wishes,