Download: A Healthy Sustainable Food Future: Policy recommendations to embed sustainability in the Eatwell Guide and wider UK food policy

In this briefing Medact and Eating Better (a 50 organisation-strong alliance for healthy, sustainable diets) make the urgent case for shifting towards healthier and more sustainable diets; examine the UK dietary guidelines (The Eatwell Guide); and make recommendations to the UK government on how they can drive the change towards more sustainable – as well as healthier – eating. In particular they focus on the need to promote the key health and sustainability message to reduce meat and dairy consumption and eat more plant-based foods.

The Press Release can be found here

This briefing has been endorsed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists



Josephine Head

Sustainable Diets, Food Systems & Health Project Researcher at Medact
Josephine works alongside Elizabeth Atherton at Medact as a Researcher for the Sustainable Diets and Health Project, with a focus on raising awareness among the health community on the links between food systems, climate change and health, and working with educators in the health sector to incorporate sustainability into their graduate curriculum.

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Josephine Head

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