Download: A Healthy Sustainable Food Future: Policy recommendations to embed sustainability in the Eatwell Guide and wider UK food policy

In this briefing Medact and Eating Better (a 50 organisation-strong alliance for healthy, sustainable diets) make the urgent case for shifting towards healthier and more sustainable diets; examine the UK dietary guidelines (The Eatwell Guide); and make recommendations to the UK government on how they can drive the change towards more sustainable – as well as healthier – eating. In particular they focus on the need to promote the key health and sustainability message to reduce meat and dairy consumption and eat more plant-based foods.

The Press Release can be found here


Elizabeth Atherton

Elizabeth Atherton

Sustainable Food Systems, Diets & Health Project Manager at Medact
Elizabeth works on developing and implementing a set of four inter-connected projects aimed at promoting healthy, sustainable and ethical food systems, as well as reducing levels of unhealthy and unsustainable meat and dairy consumption.

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Elizabeth Atherton
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