A call on St George’s Hospital Trust to respect migrants’ rights to care


Within the UK, over the past decade or more, we have witnessed a movement toward increasingly restrictive policy around entitlement to healthcare for those without a defined immigration status.  This population are arguably one of the most vulnerable groups within society today. Over the past few weeks we have seen a further example of restricting the right to healthcare through the proposal to enforce immigration checks against all pregnant women accessing antenatal services in one London hospital.

#ProtectPregnantWomen #MeetWithUsStGeorge’s

To the Board of St. George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,


We the undersigned call on the Board of St. George’s Hospital Trust to cancel their pilot scheme requiring all women to provide proof of their immigration status, before being allowed to access maternity care1. In addition, we ask the Board to send out a statement clarifying that the Trust will comply with Department of Health policy, by providing “immediately necessary or urgent care, including maternity care, to any chargeable patient, regardless of whether or not they have yet paid for that care.”2 We outline what this statement should cover below.


We believe the proposed pilot will create barriers preventing vulnerable pregnant women from accessing healthcare. The pilot also is likely to feed into a growing culture of discrimination and xenophobia whilst compromising the professional and ethical duty of clinicians to provide healthcare on the basis of need. Many migrants and refugees already have difficulty accessing NHS care. Doctors of the World have shown that over 50% of people attending their clinics “did not attempt to access healthcare at all because of perceived barriers”.3 We are concerned that reports about the pilot scheme in the mainstream press will have already contributed to the confusion surrounding the rights of migrants to accessing healthcare, and deterred vulnerable women from accessing maternity services.


In addition to cancelling the pilot scheme, we therefore ask that the Board immediately clarifies that it will fall in line with existing Department of Health guidance2, the General Medical Council duties of a doctor4, and the standards of practice and behaviour outlined in the Nursing and Midwifery code5; all of which emphasise and prioritise the health and well-being of patients on the basis of their clinical need. This statement of clarification should cover the following points:


  • The Trust will provide antenatal care to all women who need it without delay, regardless of immigration status. This is an obligation that extends to all urgent and emergency care. Whilst the Trust may charge some pregnant women and patients for services provided, this will not be a cause for any delay to vital treatment, and the Trust should not demand money upfront as a pre-condition for receiving care.
  • Those groups of women who are entitled to free healthcare regardless of immigration status should clearly be identified. These include vulnerable women who became pregnant due to violence, and the victims of trafficking who are entitled to NHS care without providing payment.


The supporting organisations of this petition look forward to an open and public discussion with the Trust on these matters.


  1. St George’s University Hospital Trust Board meeting, 06/10/2016. https://www.stgeorges.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Trust-Board-Public-PDF-Oct-16-1.pdf
  2. Guidance on implementing the overseas visitor hospital charging regulations 2015, Department of Health.
  3. DOTW UK programme 2015 report.
  5. ‘The Code’ standards of practice and behaviour for nurses and midwives.



Ms Jamie Leveret, Medical Student
Dr Marie Pillar, Doctor
Miss Clara Mead-Robson, Medical Student
Dr Helen Young, Doctor (Neonatal SHO)
Dr Catherine Dakin, Medical Student
Miss Btari Adityani, Medical Student
Miss Rebecca Lockhart, Medical Student
Miss Alex Cormack, Health Worker (Student Paramedic)
Mr David Jorgensen, Health Student (Epidemiology Student)
Miss Leyla Collu, Psychology Student
Ms Maddy Mckeand, Medical Student
Mr Daniel Hadley, Medical Student
Dr Zoe Stewart, Doctor
Dr Francesca Burns, Doctor
Mr Bob Jones, Health Activist
Miss Keri Zerb
Miss Justyna Wroblewska
Miss Sophia Cotterell, Medical Student
Miss Anna Kolodziejczyk, Medical Student
Miss Ramat Ayoola, Biomedical Student
Miss Misbah Shiekh, Medical Student
Mr James Watson, Medical Student
Miss Lauren Ng, Medical Student
Dr Tim Smith, Doctor: ST4 Pediatrics
Ms Renata Burns, Solicitor
Mr Joseph Clark, Medical Student
Mr Michael Billingsley, Medical Student
Miss Elissa Draper, Student Midwife
Ms Saima Khan, Health Student
Miss Alice Parsons
Mr Elliot Clissold, Medical Student
Miss Anna Miller
Miss Isabelle Ziarko, Medical Student
Mr Oliver Yerby, Medical Student
Miss Alexandra Beatty, Health Student
Miss Felicity Bano, Medical Student
Miss Philby Baby, Biomedical Science Student
Zeeshan Arif, Medical Student
Dr Christopher Hay, Doctor
Miss Sophie Fleiter, Medical Student
Mr Louis Peakall, Medical Student
Miss Adekemi Adefolalu, Health Student
Ms S Ash, Health campaigner
Miss Priya Abraham, Medical Student
Mr Jared Coster
Dr Jennifer Burgess, FY2 Doctor
Miss Anya Bos, Medical Student
Mr Luke Smith, Medical Student
Miss Savneet Lochab, Medical Student
Mr Benjamin Van Domelen
Ms Erika Tajra Silva, Medical Student
Miss Anais Mutarambirwa, Medical Student
Mr Phillip Evans, Medical Student
Mrs Maria Dalzell, Medical Student
Miss Joanna Simkins, Physiotherapist
Dr Robert Birley, FY1 Doctor
Miss Ruqayyah Jabeen
Mr Ben Clavey, Medical Student
Mr Francesco Berti, Medical Student
Miss Sarah Lasoye, Medical Student
Ms Vaisaly Bayan, Medical Student
Dr Liza Bowen, GPST1 Doctor
Miss Grace Steggall
Dr Mike Ambler, Doctor, ICM ST5
Mr John Hartley, Health Worker
Miss Zeinab Al-rekabi, Medical Student
Ms Rachel Luke, Medical Student
Ms Shreya Epuru Reddy, Health Student
Dr Anona McAvoy, Doctor, Pediatrics registrar
Dr Alice Chapman, Psychiatry trainee
Ms Eleanor Cartwright, Medical Student
Miss Charlotte Cooper, Medical Student
Mr Alex Mehta, Medical Student
Mr Nathan Simpson, Medical Student
Ms Esme Siriboe, Medical Student
Ms Marie Askew de Payano, Health Student
Mr David Gardner, Medical Student
Miss Tanisha Amin, Vice President for Education & Welfare
Miss Charlotte Cooper, Medical Student
Miss Sharmin Ullah, Physician Associate
Dr Alex Young, Clinical Psychologist
Mr Akinyemi Apampa, Medical Student
Ms Emily Morgan
Miss Hannah Boyd, Medical Student
Ms Jo Hall, Psychologist
Ms Elsbeth Carruthers, Medical Student
Ms Jeetender Ghag, Trainee clinical psychologist
Mr Joseph Fitzgerald
Miss Tilly Marshall
Ms Amelia Chambers
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Mr Ned Pennant-Rea
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Ms Sadie Snelson
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Mrs Annie Broadbent, Counsellor
Miss Breanna Mindo, Clinical Physiology Student
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Ms Ruth Atkinson
Ms Amrita Rath, Medical Student
Ms Marie Jasim, Medical Student
Miss Felicia D’souza, Biomedical Science Student
Miss Miriam Fahmy, Medical Student
Mr Timothy Block
Mr Slawomir Wojcik
Mr Hassam Ahmed
Mr Inayat Khan, Health Student
Miss Rohma Butt, Medical Student
Mr Saeed Azizi, Medical Student
Miss Florence Mutlow, Medical Student
Miss Zakera Khatun
Miss Phoebe Stocker, Medical Student
Dr Alistair Wardrope, Doctor
Mr Noah Stanton, Medical Student
Mr Jared Charlton-Webb, Healthcare Assistant
Miss Shivani Patel, Medical Student
Miss Natasha Britton, Medical Student
Miss Larissa Jones, Medical Student
Dr Abdul Ahmed
Miss Billy Mai Brooks
Miss Sukainah Aamir, Medical Student
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Miss Jasmine Kew, Medical Student
Miss Rhiann Holloway
Miss Rhean Rymell, Medical Student
Dr Fergus Maher, Doctor
Ms Bethany Polson
Mr Maximillian Woodall, Scientific Research (PhD)
Dr Isabella Mansfield, Medical Student
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Ms J Buckingham Shum
Mr B Franklin
Kieran Travers
Tom Hymas
Martin Finch
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Peter Ramage
Simon Hannah
Caroline Ayerst
Brian Colman
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Russell Brassington
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Ben Windsor
Ed Neale, Medical Student
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Isaac Ade-Oduriade
Amar Chottia
Fr. Iain Young, Parish Priest
Eimear O’Hanlon, Nurse
Sonia Yohannan, Nurse
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Dr Tom Yates, Doctor
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Mr Bob Hughes
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Mr Peter Samuels
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Miss Lukyn Gedge, Public Health Evaluation Officer
Ms Zelda Jeffers, Retired Nurse
Ms Beatrice Andrieu
Dr Sandra Lim Jimenez, Doctor
Dr Bryony Wilkes, Doctor, Paediatric Doctor, St George’s
Miss Olivia Coe, Health Student, Student
Ms Olivia Hall, Employment Specialist, Southdown Housing Association
Ms Ciara Flanagan
Miss Christina Tejada
Dr Jacob Berkson, Brighton Migrant Solidarity
Mr Samir Hussain, Biomedical science student
Ms Sally Griffin, retired midwife, Brighton Migrant Solidarity
Miss A W, Medical Student
Other Rowan Pierce, Health Student
Miss Carys Thomas, Medical Student
Dr Rosie Pelham, Doctor, F2
Ms Laura Kenny, Medical Student
Ms Ilaf Moslawy, Medical Student, Medical Student, University of Southampton
Ms Amina Seylani, Medical Student
Dr Catherine Rothon, Medical Student, SGUL
Dr Hassaan Afzal, Doctor, A&E SHO
Mr James Crashley, Health worker, Radiographer, St George’s NHS Trust
Mr Ryan Eagle, Medical Student
Miss Mina Belal Khel
Mrs Sandra Bennett, Nurse, Senior staff nurse
Dr Anthony Taylor, Doctor, FY2 Doctor, North East London Foundation Trust
Miss Katie Murray, Medical Student
Dr Jonathan Dixon, Doctor, GP, Bradford
Mr Shaseen Payoe, Medical Student, University of St George’s
Miss Ana Bond
Miss Hannah Annweiler, Medical Student
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Mr Miles Frost
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Mr Aimen Maksoul
Mr Ciprian Diaconita, ICT Officer
Miss Sabrina Mubini, Adult Nurse, Student Midwife
Miss Livya Musyafa, Medical Student
Miss Ghazal Jangani, Medical Student
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Mr Michael Perry, Medical Student
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Miss Tanro Imedi, Medical Student
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Miss Emily Cooper, Medical Student
Mr Kit Boufan, Medical Student
Miss Yiwen Suo
Mr Daniel Ghosh
Miss Priya Khetarpal
Miss Cat Anderson
Sally Deutschmann, Medical Student, University of Wuerzburg (Germany)
Frances Player, Pharmacist / MSc in Glocal Health and Development, UCL
Mr David Maxwell, Retired teacher, Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum
Dr Isobel Braithwaite, Foundation Doctor, NHS/Medact
William Rhind, Civil Servant, Gandhi Foundation
Ms Alice Jones, Medical Student, Birmingham University
Ms Alma Collins, Medical Student, Birmingham University
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Dr Frank Boulton, Physician, Medact
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Miss Lucy Ryder, Medical Student, University of Sheffield
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Dr Adi Vyas, Doctor, UEA Norwich
Ms Talia Eilon, Medical Student, University of Birmingham
Ms Alma Collins, Medical Student, University of Birmingham
Ms Alice Jones, Medical Student, University of Birmingham
Miss Adrienne Lee, Medical Student, Medsin / Bristol University
Dr Sancos Boland, GP, NHS / Medact
Dr Jo Shawcross, Palliative Care, Hospice
Dr C. Jones, GP
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Gabriel Dinnes, Medical Student, Barts Medical School
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Dr Louisa Perry, Doctor, NHS
Dr Elizabeth Archer, Medical Doctor (Retired)
Dr Anna Jones, Consultant
Anna Kim, Student, QMUL
Michael Pountney, Retired, Medicine Conflict & Survival
Judith Anderson, Psychotherapist, Climate Psychology Alliance
Rachel Thomas, Medical Student
Holly Macdonald, Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist
C Mitchell, Emergency Medicine Trainee
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Joanna Shawcross
Laura Medhurst, Medical Student
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Catriona McAleer, Medical Student
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Hidigo Dulane
Elizabeth Atkinson
Nico Pollen
Nick Evans, UCU
Richard Woodall
Louise Athwal, Medical Student, University of Glasgow
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Alanna Sargent, Student, Goldsmiths
Kate Tunstall
Ella Downing, Student
Kate Robertson, Student Nurse, NHS
Lora Evans, Refugee Support Worker
Harold Saxon
Timothy Morrell, Medical Student, University of Manchester
Julian Fisher
Cicely Drew, Student
Wendy German, Social Worker, Adult Services
Sam O’Brien, UNISON
Nadia Abid, Doctor, NHS
Andy Bateman, Lecturer, Univeristy of Bradford
Isabel Hay
Rina Frankiel, Development Manager, King’s College London
Ellen King
Deb de Lloyd
Chlor Holgate, Student, University of Oxford
Deborah McManamon
Fathema Tahera, Medical Student
Liam Torrens, Medical Student
Kate O’Connor, Staff Nurse
Colin Fancy, Learning Support Assistant
Robert Adams, CT1 Urology
Emma Corkerry
Daria Polovina
Ms Jean Gray, Journalist
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Ms Caroline Fairclough, Mother, Grandmother, Human
Ms Heather Trickey, Public Health Researcher
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Miss Anne Karunatilleke
Ms Heather McDougall
Ms Rhianydd Yorkwilliams
Ms Sarah-Jane Lang
Ms Sophie Williams, Medical Student, Imperial College London
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Ms Flo Toch
Anna Wakelin, HCA
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Ms Carol Ackroyd, Retired,
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Ms Lisa-Marie Taylor, Chair, Filia, Filia (Formerly Feminism In London)
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Ms Alex Bollen,
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Ms Christiane Victorin, Receptionest, Account3
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Ms Amy Hughes,
Miss Lucy Shearer , Student , University Of York
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Miss Khadija Badri , Student ,
Miss Matilda Reed, Student, Newcastle University
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Ms Lorna Solomon, Occupational Therapist,
Ms Helen Badri, Retired Special Needs Co-Ordinator,
Ms Aisha Dodwell, Global Justice Now
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Alison Lievesley, Doctor
Liz Njuguna-Wyatt
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Sylvia Chandler, Retired Gp
Samuel Wood, Medical Student, St. George’s, University Of London
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Katrina Spinney
Rohma Butt, Student, St George’s University London
Sarah Lasoye, Student, St. George’s University Of London
Isabelle Guest, Medical Student, St George’s University Of London
Samir Hussain, Student, SGUL
James Clancey , Psychotherapist , The Holding Point
A Subramaniam, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist
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Atifa Aziz
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Sabahat Ahmed
John Puntis, Consultant Paediatrician, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Nhs Trust
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Dhanyaa Yogaratnam, Student
Nour Khattab, Student, St George’s
Subit Gurung, Student
Michael Murphy, Warden, Society Of Friends
Hanifah Choudhury, Student
Tim Bruce, Costing Surveyor , Southwark Building Service
Ashish Mashru
Diana Locke, Advice Worker
Irnthu Premadeva, St2 Paediatrics
Carol Sargent, Retired Teacher, Religious Society Of Friends
Hajira Abdi, Student
Marion Tyrrell, Teacher
James Barrett, Nhs Consultant, Nhs
Samuel Fielding, Medical Student, SGUL
Clare Rollason, Doctor, Nhs
Caroline Squire, Retired Senior Lecturer Midwifery
Rita S Thurley , Retired Senior Lecturer Midwifery, Previously Of Uwl
Jessica Sargent, Event Manager
Helen Hales, Teacher, St Teresa’S Catholic Primary School Bristol
Trevor Bending, Retired Teacher
Sarah Martin , Student, SGUL
Zareena Amiruddin, Medical Student
S J Wilson, Retired
Lucy Henning
Fiona Radic
Emily Dyble
Holly Wallis
Tina Imatitikua, Student
Prince Ekpemandu, Media, Rccg
Susan Porter, Registered Nurse
Arti Mistry
M Greenwood, Retired, None
David Pratt, Retired, Quaker
Eric Owusu, Medical Student/Social Entrepreneur, SGUL
Douglas Dodd
Sanaz Raji, Unis Resist Border Controls
Gwyneth Lonergan, Researcher, University Of Manchester
Alishba Nawaz, Biomedical Science Student
Carys Thomas, Medical Student
Daniella Fahmi, Student , St George’s, University Of London
Meriam Kirollos , Biomedical Student
Ali Moonan, Med Student , SGUL
Samuel Wood, Medical Student, St George’s, University Of London
Lois Clay Baker, Student, SGUL
Zaynah Ahmed, Biomedical Science Student, St George’s University Of London
Rohma Shammus, Medical Student, SGUL
Agata Pacho, Research Assistant, St George’s
Maseera Solkar, Student, SGUL
Alexandra Ducroizet, Student, St George’S University
Rahela Islam
Susana Veiga, Medical Student, St George’S University Of London
Vaishnavi Reddy, Medical Student
Jack Dickenson, Medical Student
Isabelle Guest, Medical Student, St George’S University Of London
Becky Ely
Kirsty Shepherd, Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Hiba Al-Khaffaji
Nneka Okorocha, Medical Student
Sophie Talib, Medical Student, SGUL
Benjamin Jones, Fy1, Western Sussex Hospitals Trust
Kat Telford, Medical Student , St George’s University Of London
Sophie Mattar, Student
Maryjane Hardinge, Artist
Emily Gardner-Bougaard, Medical Student, St George’s University Of London
Hannah Barham-Brown, Doctor, Kingston Nhs Trust
Emily Dobell, Public Health Registrar
John Stephenson, Retired Software Engineer
Amy Silver, Nurse
Charlotte Talbot, Medical Student
Kevin Li, Student
Jana Bawazir, Medical Student , St. George’s University Of London
Timesh Pillay, Doctor, Lewisham And Greenwich Nhs Trust
Marie Johnson
Aniqa Haque, Biomed Student
Yaahlini Yogaratnam, Student
V Wagner, Nhs Doctor, Mental Health, Member Of Doctors In Unite
Louise Jones, Medical Student, SGUL
Aislinn Macklin-Doherty , Medical Oncology Registrar, Nhs
James Holland, Medical Student
Carwyn Hooper, Academic
Alice Arnett, Medical Student , St George’s
Giovanni Serena, Anaesthetist, Asuiud Udine, Italy
Ian Townson, Retired, Lambeth And Southwark Unite Community
Christine Grabowska, Midwife, Personal
Maya V, Student
Daphne Bonanos, Teacher
Syed Murtaza Ali, Student, St George’s University Of London
Saira Safeer, Student , Nhs
Marina Pearson, Medical Student
Rhys Jones , Healthcare Assistant, St George’s Hospital
Jonas Kellgren-Hayes, Medical Student, St. George’s University Of London
Mary Wallace, Counsellor
Sharon Kenny, Rgn Rmn, Children’S Social Care
Lagasthija Vijayaratnam, Medical Student
Rosy Henderson
Emilia O’Carroll
Lee Hatter, Medical Student
Amy Haworth Johns
Heleni Andreadi, Psychotherapist, Camden &Amp; Islington Nhs
Samantha Salamat , Trainee Clinical Psychologist , University Of Surrey
Carys Thomas , Medical Student
Cara Brooke, Student, Newcastle University
Robert Pughe, Retired Teacher, Retired
Katie Mcdowell, Medical Student, SGUL
Layla Walker Lawrence , Medical Student
Afsana Safa, Gp
Fionnuala Finnerty , Spr Hiv/Genito-Urinary Medicine, Brighton &Amp; Sussex University Hospitals
Hazel Bone, Carer
Simone Herrmann, Gp Registrar, Medical Mission Sisters
Oliver Tierney, Student, St. George’s University Of London
Crystal D’Cruz, Gp Trainee, Tower Hamlets Deanery
Jinnie Shin, Medical Student
Casey Dowling, Student
Alexandra Tate, Medical Student, Lshtm
Nicholas Davis, Medical Student, Sgul
Margaret Pearce, Administrator, Napo
Katie Hughes, Fy1 Doctor, St George’S Hospital
Isabelle Whelan, Medical Student
Francini Marchesine, Community Interpreter
Keith Walton, Hypnotherapist, Nhs
Susan Lofthouse, Musician
Alice Kociejowski , Doctor, Nhs
Cathryn Bone , Retired Teacher
Fay Coster
Rebecca Inglis, Intensive Care Registrar, Nhs
Elizabeth Morgan, Student, Medsin
Adam Davis
Lis Murphy
Christine Coho , Therapist & Mental Health Social Worker
Sara Wickert
Lee Coppack, Journalist
Jim McNab, Doctor