People’s Health Hearing LIVE — Session 3

Session 3 – People's Health Hearing: Health Justice Means Climate Justice, at COP26 People's Summit

Session 3 was introduced by Erika Arteaga Cruz from the People’s Health Movement Ecosystems & Health Circle and Kavian Kulasabanathan from Race & Health, re-sharing the candles lit in the first session, acknowledging all of us together coming into this space from across the world. We heard testimonies from Paulo Granizo and Nidia María Solíz Carrión from Yasunidxs Guapondelig, Damián Verzeñassi from InSSA, Goran Zangana and the Observatorio de Ecologia Politica De Venezuela, who shared their testimonies from Ecuador, Argentina, Iraq and Venezuela. We heard at the end of the session from Tatiana Garavito and Kanahus Manuel, who shared their reflections as Listeners.