Mariela Goett

Mariela Goett is a project specialist at the Americans Institute for Research (AIR). She has 5 years of experience in international development and policy research, particularly in the Middle East and Latin America. Goett is currently the project manager of a UNICEF-funded evaluation of an education cash transfer program for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. At AIR, Goett has worked on several projects in management and research roles, including research that examined Ebola’s impact on Liberian girls’ re-enrollment patterns after a prolonged period of school closure. Prior to her current position, Goett spent a year in Damascus, Syria, during which she worked with the UN Development Programme while simultaneously working with Iraqi refugees in the Damascene suburbs. She also studied abroad at the American University in Cairo, during which she taught English to Somali and Sudanese refugees. She earned her MPP in international development at the University of Maryland, College Park.