Hannah Wright

Hannah Wright is a data and analytics professional, currently working for Iris in London. Her passion for health justice stems from her academic background in Epidemiology & Public Health; she has a BSc in Biomedical Science from UCL and an MSc Epidemiology from Imperial College London. Before joining Medact, Hannah held the position of Treasurer and Growth & Development officer for Goal Diggers FC – a community-based football club striving to make football more inclusive and accessible to all women and non-binary people. She also founded the Festival of Football (FoF), which began as a series of events dedicated to celebrating and increasing participation in professional and grassroots football for people of marginalised genders. More recently, FoF has focused on making space for critical conversations around making football more accessible and inclusive at all levels and received the Fans for Diversity Award at the 2020 Football Supporters Awards. Bridging her academic background with her commitment to social justice, Hannah’s core interest is in combating the impacts of social and economic inequalities on mental and physical health, and ensuring equal access to healthcare for all.