Dominik Stosik

Dominik is a third year medical student at Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Piastów Śląskich we Wrocławiu in Poland and is the IPPNW European Students Representative.

He is part of an Individualized Study Plan which leaves him time for scientific studies in the field of Psychiatry and time to administer the student affiliate group of “International Physicians Preventing Nuclear War” (IPPNW), which he founded in 2016.

He was born in Germany, is of Polish descent, has a classical piano education, holds degrees in Music and German literature studies and wrote a theatre play that was staged in 2011 at Theater Osnabrück. His interest in humanistic, ethical and philosophical reflections is being mentored by his supervisor Prof. Jarosław Barański, Head of the Department of Humanistic Sciences of Wrocław Medical University. Loving talking about himself in third person and always trying to be the responsible person, this biography was created from 100% recycled biographies.