Dr David McCoy is a public health physician and academic. He spent his first fifteen years working in clinical medicine and health systems development, mostly in South Africa. Since then he has been based in London, working on various aspects of global health, and as a public health specialist in the NHS where he was a Director of Public Health in London. He is currently split between a post at Queen Mary’s University London and his position as Director of Medact. David was co-Managing Editor of the first two alternative world health reports (Global Health Watch),  is a member of the Board of Trustees of the New Economic Foundation and the Steering Committee of the Peoples Health Movement.

David is responsible for all aspects of Medact’s work, and, working closely with the Board of Trustees, sets the overall strategic direction of the organisation. He is an active and well-respected member of both the UK and international health community, and supports constructive and positive working relationships between Medact and many of the key health institutions, e.g. Royal Colleges, the British Medical Association. He provides a public face for Medact in the media, and speaks on Medact’s behalf at a range of public events. He also works closely with the Chair and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees to deliver financial and activity reports to the Board of Trustees.