Dr Daniel Bassey

Dr. Bassey joined IPPNW as a medical student, now a public health physician in the humanitarian aid sector, currently working on maternal and child health issues. He served as regional coordinator for IFMSA, project coordinator of One bullet Stories, regional vice president Africa, Initiator of ICAN Africa and also the recipient of the Ambassador of Peace Award. He is currently a board member of the Society of Welfare for mankind Nigerian affiliate, Aiming for Prevention working committee and also a board member of an NGO primarily dissuading violence against women. He has also collaborated with the World Health Organization’s Global Burden of Disease and Violence and Injury Prevention initiatives which focused on profiling the costs of small arms injuries to the health system in Nigeria. Dr.Bassey also believes that nuclear famine is a plausible threat that could effect the health and livelihood of everyone, including people in nuclear-weapons-free countries making its ban an urgent reality.