Annie Quick

Annie Quick is Lead for Wellbeing and Inequality for the New Economics Foundation – a people-powered think tank that aims to build an economy where everyone has an equal chance at living a happy fulfilling life. Annie has a background in social epidemiology, exploring how economic determinants drive inequalities in health and wellbeing. Her work includes analysis of social attitudes towards inequality and the policies to reduce inequality, of labour market determinants of inequality, and how the science of wellbeing can help to challenge some of the dominant economic models to produce a more equitable economy which drives sustainable human wellbeing. Annie is also interested in how new measures of social progress can change the way governments think about policy development.

She is currently working on analysis of the European Social Survey, exploring the drivers of wellbeing inequalities, and the implications for policy to reduce wellbeing inequalities. She is also coordinating work across NEF on reducing economic and other inequalities.

Before joining NEF, Annie worked as a civil servant in the health inequalities unit at Public Health England, where she considered how local and national government could take health inequalities into account in its policy-making. Before this, she completed an MSc focussed on health inequalities in York. Her research included exploring how behavioural approaches to improving health could increase inequalities in health outcomes, and the health impacts of social mixing.

Annie also has a background in public participation and democracy. She worked at the think tank Involve, amongst other organisations, where she was particularly interested in the engagement of under-represented groups.