Dr Annabel Sowemimo is a Community Sexual & Reproductive Health doctor having completed an MSc in Sexual & Reproductive Health Research & undergraduate study in Medical Anthropology. At medical school, Annabel assisted in developing training for medical students on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and continues to campaign on a range on a range of Reproductive Justice issue.  She is a contributorfor online platforms including Black Ballad and gal-dem.com, writing on a range of health, social justice and cultural issues

Annabel is founder of Decolonising Contraception a community interest company aimed at addressing the unethical history in sexual and reproductive healthparticularly experimentation on people of colour. Decolonising contraception is about understanding how culture and history impact these populations and effect how they experience sexual & reproductive health careDecolonising Contraception are currently crowd-funding to create the first sexual health & well-being festival for people of colour in the UK. 

Annabel firmly believes that healthcare should be about empowering people with knowledge to make informed choices about their bodies. She spends her spare time campaigning on reproductive justice, NHS cuts and improving healthcare of marginalised groups. When she is not in scrubs or in clinic; she can be found at a protest with a placard!