Strategy Workshop: Climate and Health

Location: Medact Offices


Medact is a London-based health charity designed to enable health professionals to act on the social, political, ecological and economic determinants of health and health inequality. Medact is developing a strategic workplan for the next two years. As part of this process, it is organising a workshop to help determine its workplan in the area of climate change. The threat of climate change cannot be over-stated. But there are no obvious or easy solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigating the harmful effects of climate change – much of which will fall disproportionately upon the world’s most vulnerable populations. However, health professionals have an important role to play in alerting the public to the real dangers of Climate Change; and in promoting a vision of a healthier low-carbon future.  Medact recently released a briefing for health professionals on the science of climate change.

Aims of workshop

While the primary purpose of this workshop is to develop a workplan for Medact, we are seeking to do this in concert with other organisations and initiatives; and through synergistic relationships. For this reason, we are inviting a range of organisations and individuals. Thus, a secondary purpose of the workshop is to explore how different groups and initiatives can be better coordinated to ensure maximum collective effectiveness. Once we get a clearer idea of the list of participants, we will work out a more detailed agenda.  


While hoping to be inclusive, the workshop is designed to be small enough to allow for some detailed discussion and strategic planning. However, we anticipate holding a more open public meeting on the issue later in the year. Please email [email protected] if you’re interested in attending. The workshop will take at the Medact offices in London.