St. George’s Global Health Conference 2017

Challenging Borders

Addressing Barriers to Global Health

St George’s University of London Medsin Group is hosting their annual Global Health Conference 2017. ‘Challenging Borders: Addressing the barriers to Global Health’ will take place on Saturday 25th February.

The conference aims to shine a spotlight on the impact of division as an obstacle to global health. Borders can be physical, such as nation lines or geographical impediments, man-made, such as walls and prisons, but also more abstract, such as stigma towards mental health. All create a barrier to personal, community, and international well-being. Many examples exist today, and none more topical than the myriad issues surrounding migrant health. Success has been varied in addressing these barriers.

‘Challenging Borders’ focuses on the effects of these barriers on health and what can be done to overcome them. The day will consist of a morning of talks and in the afternoon attendees will have the opportunity to engage in stimulating interactive sessions to broaden their understanding and approach to these issues. We are announcing the line up of high-profile speakers and organisations throughout the coming weeks. Tickets are available from St George’s Student Union website and you can stay up to date through our Facebook Page.

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