PnP New Joiners Meeting: November 2021

For anyone who is new to Patients Not Passports, we’re holding our next New Joiners meeting on November 23rd at 7PM on Zoom. We’ll recap October’s National Week of Action, talk about future strategies, hear from some of the groups working on the Patients Not Passports campaign and explore the different ways you can get involved.

This meeting is the best way to get up to speed with the campaign and get connected with work going on across the country!

Register Here!

Most of the Patients Not Passports work happens through locally focused campaign groups, with groups based in: Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Oxford; East, South, and South East London; Glasgow, and Wales.

If you’re not in any of these places, don’t worry! Docs Not Cops and Medact’s Migrant Solidarity Group work nationally, or we can support you to set up your own local group. You don’t need to work in healthcare to be involved! To win we’ll need everyone working together to oppose NHS charging and there is room for everyone in the campaign.

If you can’t make the New Joiners meeting, don’t worry—there’ll be another one in a few months or we can make time for a quick phone call with you or connect you directly with your local group.

If you have time, you could check out How NHS staff are fighting back against the ‘hostile environment’ for an overview of the campaign, or read Challenging Healthcare Charging in the NHS, a briefing that examines where the Hostile Environment policies came from, how they work, what their impact is, and what we can do about them.