Oxford Health Through Peace Network Day

Oxford Medact believes that health professionals are uniquely placed to address the root drivers of war and conflict; and to work towards peace and a more sustainable idea of security. In November 2015, we ran the ‘Health Through Peace’ conference which saw 700 members of the health community come together to discuss the impact of war, violence and militarism on health.

Since then, a growing group of health students and professionals have been taking forward the energy and vision of this conference. See more about their recent activity on this page!

We need to harness our collective skills and energy, and work together to be effective drivers of a strong and sustainable movement for peace. The Oxford Health Through Peace Network Day is an opportunity for health professionals and students working on issues related to peace and security in and around Oxford to network, promote their campaigns and events, and more generally begin to work as partners in the Health Through Peace movement. It’s also an opportunity for members of the health community who wish to be involved in the movement to find out more!

If you would like to join us, please get in touch with Rhianna at [email protected]