Medact Movement Assembly

Tuesday 18th June @ 6:30 pm 8:00 pm

Movement Assemblies (formerly “Group Check-in”) are a space for people active in Medact local or issue groups to connect, to share collective learning from our organising—the challenges and successes and how we can support each other to win in our struggle for health justice. 

This Assembly will take place ONLINE on Zoom. The first part of the assembly will focus on sharing updates and learnings from across the Medact network. We will hear national campaign updates from:

  • Patients Not Passports
  • Peace and Security
  • Climate and Health
  • Economic Justice

We will then share updates from across local Medact groups—all are welcome! Each group being represented will spend two minutes sharing a few highlights and any challenges you’ve had over the last few months, and any plans you have coming up.

In the second half of the assembly, we will have a skill-share on organising. We’ll be exploring an example together; how we can apply these learnings in our contexts; and the skills, knowledge and resources we need to put them into practice. 

If you have any questions or would like to chat through anything, do get in touch with Ben Eder:  [email protected]