Medact seminar – Competence, Consent, Confidentiality, and Digital Security

March 23, 2016 1600-1900h

Royal Society of Medicine 1 Wimpole St London W1G 0AE

Questions around informed patient consent are complicated enough for most UK citizens. When dealing with asylum seeking survivors of serious human rights abuses, these issues become substantially more complex. This is particularly true when permission is sought for audit, evaluation, research, and teaching and where the dissemination of patient-identifiable information carries significant risks to the patient and those they care about.


Each topic will be introduced by the named speaker followed by discussion Competence to give consent and to give evidence Cornelius Katona: Royal College of Psychiatrists Asylum Mental Health Working Group What are we seeking consent for? Frank Arnold: Medact anti-torture working group What constitutes adequately informed consent? Hugh Davies: Research Ethics Advisor – Health Research Authority Achieving digital security of confidential clinical information Steve Ross-Talbot: visiting professor of computer sciences, Kingston universityPlaces are limited, please book via Chris Venables at Medact: [email protected] This meeting is part of the series of seminars on documenting torture generously hosted at the RSM for Medact. Previous sessions have included:

  • Photo-documentation of torture scars
  • Going to court in asylum cases
  • Recognition of vulnerable persons subjected to administrative immigration detention.