Killing for Peace – launch of Medact Brighton

Chair: Centre for applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics, University of Brighton Speaker 1. (Veterans for Peace) Modern war on the ground Speaker 2. (Brighton University) Modern war from the air Speaker 3. (Doctors of the World) What we do to survivors who escape to the UK Speaker 4. (Medact) Modern wars – Syria: more like Vietnam than Spain We are in a state of permanent war across the Middle East punctuated by sporadic atrocities against Western populations. This has already lasted more than 13 years, and is spreading. The death, damage and displacement are immense and distributed across the globe, from Ramadi to London to Raqqa to Paris. It afflicts civilians, particularly children and women, but also those whose idealism and patriotism are abused in service of these misconceived conflicts. Western leaders have no rational plan to end the carnage. Indeed their every invasion, bombing, drone attack and arms sale adds to the disaster. We need a rational and humane way out of these blind alleys. We need to tell our leaders in terms they can’t ignore – too much is more than enough. Stop deluding yourselves and misleading us. Killing for peace won’t work. Most of us have sat through too many meetings harangued or anaesthetised by too many speakers. The audience will be given as much time as possible to contribute practical proposals; up to half the meeting will be given over to the floor. Please bring your ideas and energy. Book your ticket here!